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Distance Learning Course Offered on Pipeline Engineering Fundamentals

Posted by Jack Barry on Fri, Apr 20, 2012

C  Users Black Cat Desktop ibc academyIBC Academy is offering a distance learning course on the Fundamentals of Pipeline Engineering course. This popular course provides participants with a multidisciplinary understanding of the design, materials, construction, integrity, operation and maintenance of this important onshore and offshore infrastructure.

Written by industry specialists in their fields, the six modules address the key issues. Whatever your motivation, the unique blend of self-directed learning, expert tutorial support and peer interaction via a dedicated online forum will ensure thorough, accurate and up-to-date knowledge of pipeline engineering, wherever you are in the world.

The course content includes:

Introduction to Pipeline Engineering

  • Basic pipeline concepts and definitions
  • Stages of a pipeline project
  • Standards, codes and regulations
  • Principles of pipeline design, construction and installation
  • Wall thickness calculation based on different design codes or standards
    - Case studies on code selection

Material Selection and Corrosion Control

  • Material science including the properties of steel and other materials used for pipeline fabrication
  • Process of pipeline material selection, including code/standard requirements
  • Manufacturing process, including welding standards, procedures and non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques for qualifications
  • Corrosion, including definition of the corrosion phenomenon and chemical principles
  • Types of internal and external corrosion
  • Methods to prevent or mitigate corrosion in pipelines

Pipeline Design, Installation and Construction

  • Introduction to different approaches of pipeline design for offshore and onshore
    - Safety and reliability factors / Codes / Standards / Recommended practices
  • Pipeline configurations, including pipe-in-pipe, bundles, etc
  • Flexible pipelines – principles and concepts
  • Introduction to hydrodynamics around offshore pipelines, including the definition of the different wave theories
  • Stress assessment of pipelines, including definition of stress on pipelines and an introduction to fatigue analysis
  • Stages of pipeline construction
    - Hydro-testing / Commissioning operations / Procurement / Quality assurance
  • Methods of onshore and offshore pipeline installation

Pipeline Hydraulic Analysis

  • Thermodynamic principles and flow properties of the different flow transported by pipelines
  • Flow calculations for gases, liquids and multiphase pipelines
  • Problems caused by changes in flow condition during the pipeline’s operations(wax and hydrate formation, etc)
  • Exercise on flow calculations

Defect Assessment on Pipelines

  • Types of defects on pipelines, including failure statistics and the relative causes of pipeline failures
  • Failure modes and a description of how pipelines fail
  • Defect assessment, including the different codes and standards used to carry out fit-for purpose assessments of defects and damage
  • Design code and standard requirements
  • Introduction to pipeline engineering critical assessment (ECA)
  • Case studies on pipeline defects
  • Exercise on defect identification and assessment

Pipeline Integrity: Maintenance, Inspection and Risk Assessment

  • Pipeline anomalies and defects
  • Principles and applications of the in-line inspection techniques and existing tools
  • Survey methods for onshore and offshore pipelines
    - Walking patrol / Air survey / Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) / Acoustic Diver / Above-ground monitoring techniques
  • Principles and application of NDT techniques used to detect and evaluate pipeline defect and damage
  • Preparation of integrity management plans for onshore and offshore pipelines

For the full course syllabus and course fees, please download the Fundamentals of Pipeline Engineering distance learning course brochure here.

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